IFC Seafood is a Canadian based marketer of fish and seafood products. We provide national sales coverage of our branded as well as private label products to both retail and food service channels throughout North America.

Our business is based on unrelenting customer focus and extreme attention to detail. Successful execution of any opportunity in a rapidly changing marketplace requires speed and agility. This along with prioritizing supply chain effectiveness has been paramount to our growth. It is our mission to market the best items available from the world’s most responsible and traceable sources. 
QUALITY IFC supply partners are held to the highest standards, whether it is salmon from Norway or sea scallops from the North Atlantic, the Olivia brand represents some of the finest quality seafood products from around the globe.
RESPONSIBILITY At IFC Seafood, we understand that the success of our business depends upon the health of our environment. The cornerstone of our procurement philosophy is to ensure that all of our seafood is sourced from sustainable fisheries with producers who operate in a socially responsible manner. The long term viability of the seafood industry is dependent not only on the well-being of the physical resource, but of the human resource as well.
CREATIVITY Through our perspective brands, IFC Seafood continually brings to market new product concepts, innovative packaging solutions and culinary presentation with a point of difference.

Whether we are selling products under our VIA value brand or our premium OLIVIA brand, all IFC products represent the highest quality available in their respective categories. 

All of our product lines are available for food service distribution. We offer the traditional pack sizes as well as custom pack sizes for private label, if required.

Canada / U.S.A Toll free at 1 866.569.9144


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